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EmeraldLIVE- Cali Sober - March 16, 2021

EmeraldLIVE - Cali Sober

The term “Cali Sober” refers to people who don’t drink but smoke weed. It's the latest trend in catching a buzz without the calories and hangover from alcohol.

Is it a lifestyle? A movement? or just a trend?

Hear from our esteemed speakers about this latest craze:

Andrew DeAngelo, Cannabis Industry Consultant, and Strategic Advisor, Co-founder of Harborside & Last Prisoner Project He is a visionary leader with a proven track record of enacting systemic social change and developing best practices in cannabis. DeAngelo has been an activist for over two decades, pioneering legal cannabis.

Libby Cooper, President, and Co-founder of Space Coyote She is an artist and established contributor/advocate in the cannabis industry. She's the creative genius behind Space Coyote, crafting a brand that stands out from the noise and pulls people in. Libby truly believes in smokable, potent products, affirming that women can be stoners, and being a stoner is celebratory.

Hadas Alterman, Founding Partner at Plant Medicine Law Group. Hadas is an Israeli-American attorney, born in Jerusalem and raised in the San Fran. She has a J.D. from Berkeley Law and a B.A. in Community Studies/Agriculture & Social Justice from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Hadas advises companies on matters of regulatory compliance, policy advocacy, risk management, strategic planning, revenue models, corporate governance, and dispute resolution. Before founding PMLG, she worked with Wykowski Law & Associates. Hadas has lead clients through successful cannabis license applications in California, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania; served as counsel to equity applicants in Northern California, and worked with legacy growers in the Emerald Triangle. Hadas is a former restorative justice practitioner and community organizer dedicated to using the law to expand equitable access to plant medicine. She is the Policy Director of the New York drug decriminalization campaign Decriminalize Healing and a Board Member of the Psychedelic Bar Association.

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