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EmeraldLIVE - Emerge CannaMoms

Motherhood is a challenge no matter how you slice it, but when you add the cannabis plant and the pandemic to the mix....well, you've unleashed a whole new set of challenges wrought with stigmas, misleading propaganda and a serious lack of research. Emerald chats with three of the industry's leading CannaMoms to learn more about their journeys and how they're supporting one another during this dynamic time. Jessica, Loriel and Kristin will explore issues surrounding social equity, balancing parenthood with entrepreneurship, and more, as well as share valuable advice on how to emerge in this budding space. 

Jessica Gonzalez is the founder of @themommyjane 

Loriel Alegrete, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at 40 Tons   

Kristin Murr-Sloat, Co-owner at AlpinStash