ProCannabisMedia: 420 Eve Prime Time Weed Time Show - April 20th, 2021 – TheCannaBossLady

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ProCannabisMedia: 420 Eve Prime Time Weed Time Show - April 20th, 2021


With the entire world ready to celebrate all things cannabis related on April 20th, 2021, PCM TV a 24-7 live streaming channel on ROKU's streaming channels, welcomes the entire production and on air talent for Pro Cannabis Media's news, chefs, Green Nurses, educators and lobbyists.
All join in on the passionate talk about all things cannabis on the eve of the biggest celebration of the plant every year.
Hosted by Pro Cannabis Media's founder Jimmy Young
Morgan Fox from the NCIA makes a surprise appearance to get things going after the US House of Representatives passes the SAFE Banking act for the 4th time, and now cannabis reform heads to the US Senate and into the capable hands of majority leader
Chuck Schumer in the US Senate.
Debra Borchardt of the Green Market Report,
Rick Thompson of the Michigan Cannabis Business Development group,
Sherri Tutkus from The Green Nurse,
Mark Worster from the Green Nurse,
Jessilyn Dolan, the Green Nurse from Vermont,
Chris and Chelsie Miles from,
Tara "Misu" Sergente from Blazin Bakery in NJ,
Jill Cohen, Founder, TheCannaBossLady,
former TV Network anchor Dave Briggs,
David Rabinovitz from The Green Rush Live show,
Jay Britton and Phil Adams from Vote Pro Pot Cast