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    There are many factors to consider when trying to determine the form of CBD that will work best for you. First and foremost, you want to consider what you’re using CBD for, and always make sure you get a quality product. 

    In general, there are five forms of CBD.

    1. Topical CBD comes in creams, oils, salves, and balms. There are many cannabinoid receptors in the skin, so this form of CBD is generally fast-acting.
    2. Tinctures are extracted using several techniques including the CO2 method and the ethanol method. All of the extraction techniques are designed to preserve as many of the cannabinoids as possible. Tinctures are generally taken orally, but can also be mixed into food or drink. The fastest acting tinctures are those taken sublingually (under the tongue). When taken in this fashion, the effects kick in after 15 to 45 minutes. 
    3. Edibles are also very popular because they taste great, are easy to use and are also discrete. CBD is usually infused into a baked good or smoothie to transform it into an edible. Many people find it is easier to dose CBD with an edible. Since edibles, in general, have a higher concentration of CBD, this is a great way to take higher CBD doses. If the edible has a sufficient quantity of another oil or fat, such as coconut oil, that formulation generally increases CBD’s bioavailability.
    4. Oral CBD in the form of drops, sprays, and capsules represent another ingestion method. They’re easy to use. Capsules are quickly digested, and drops or sprays of CBD under the tongue are very fast-acting. Many oils and oral sprays are flavored to mask the earthiness of natural CBD.
    5. Vaping is certainly another way to ingest CBD. While inhalation has been deemed a very effective method, there have been many recent serious lung health hazards attributed to vaping and vaping additives, so caution is warranted.


    Unfortunately, the market today is flooded with CBD products. While many are excellent formulations from very reputable vendors, many products are of questionable quality. Here are some tips for how consumers can locate truth within the product packaging to ensure you choose a quality product:

    • Make sure the amount of CBD in the bottle (in mg) is clearly displayed on the package or bottle.
    • Make sure the total volume of CBD oil is clearly printed on the bottle. 
    • Determine whether the CBD is cannabis or hemp-derived. Also determine where the hemp is grown, and whether it is grown by a state-regulated supplier.
    • Make sure to determine whether the hemp is organic or non-organic.
    • Determine the reputation of the company and ensure the cleanliness of the product.
    • The extraction method used to separate the CBD from the hemp plant should be plainly labeled; common extraction methods are ethanol, butane, and CO2. The CO2 extraction method is generally regarded as the “cleanest” method and the one that preserves the greatest quantity of cannabinoids.

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