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 TheCannaBossLady curates luxury products for womxn who are focusing on their beauty, health and wellness. We educate and empower women to make knowledgeable choices when selecting cannabinoid products.   

Created by womxn for womxn, each product in our inventory was created by a female owned company. To ensure quality, all products are organic and were made using the all-natural CO2 extraction method.
We conduct extensive research on every product so we can advise you on best practices for dosage and consumption. At TheCannaBossLady we offer safe, small batch, high-quality, 3rd party tested products you can trust.

Our vision is to be the epicenter for women’s beauty, health and wellness with cannadiboid products. 

TheCannaBossLady is committed to supporting womxn-owned businesses and every purchase donates to women minority charities.  

Meet Our Founder

Jill Cohen, Founder, TheCannaBossLady Boutique

Hemp-derived Cannabinoid Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and Educator


Ms. Cohen began her career in the advertising industry as a sales and experiential events specialist.  She has over 20 years of experience in business development, building relationships with top executives, and generating revenue from events. She has built a network of connections with some of the most senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and startups. Before she pivoted into the cannabis industry, Ms. Cohen was Executive Vice President at International Advertising Association and managed financial operations, implemented operational strategies, and sold sponsorships to key international advertising executives. But her true passion has always been for cannabis health and wellness because she suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks from a tumultuous childhood. After several medical tests, her condition remained undiagnosed. It wasn’t until she discovered the all-natural medicine of the hemp plant that she found relief and healing. This led to an educational journey where she became a Certified CBD Consultant and Brand Ambassador for Theramu, Calliope Jane, and TribeTokes. In 2020, She founded TheCannaBossLady Boutique. The first women-owned storefront in Maplewood Village, New Jersey, along with the website, thecannabosslady.com.

TheCannaBossLady curates luxury CBD products for womxn (Men, too) who are focusing on their beauty, health, and wellness with a plant-based holistic approach. The mission is to support women by selling a variety of women-owned brands, and every purchase donates to women minority charities.

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