ABOUT – TheCannaBossLady

Celebrating Black History Month! We stand in solidarity with BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Communities!



TheCannaBossLady curates luxury cannabis products for women who are focusing on their beauty, health and wellness. We educate and empower women to make knowledgeable choices when selecting cannabinoid products.   

Created by women for women, each product in our inventory was created by a female owned company that has been in business for at least five years. To ensure quality, most products are organic and were made using the all-natural CO2 extraction method.
We conduct extensive research on every product so we can advise you on best practices for dosage and consumption. At TheCannaBossLady we offer safe, high-quality products you can trust.

Our vision is to be the epicenter for women’s beauty, health and wellness cannabis products. 

TheCannaBossLady is committed to supporting womxn-owned businesses and donates a portion of proceeds to charity.  

Meet Our Founder

Jill Cohen’s passion for cannabis health and wellness started over twenty years ago. As a child Jill suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks. These conditions were further compacted with the added stress of bullying, tumultuous parental divorce, multiple moves and school changes.

Jill’s anxiety and panic attacks went untreated for years while she silently suffered. Further fueled by the fear that something was medically wrong with her that no doctor could diagnose. It wasn’t until she discovered the all-natural medicine of cannabis that she found relief and healing.

Once Jill found cannabis then the educational journey began. Jill was determined to learn about the different types, dosages, processing, and safety. Along the way, Jill personally sampled thousands of products and quickly became a renowned expert and authority in the industry.

As an advocate, Jill has consulted with hundreds of small cannabis businesses to help with their operations, product development, sales, and event management.

Jill has done the research for you by testing, evaluating, and curating the best cannabis beauty, health and wellness products. TheCannaBossLady is a community enabling women to make informed choices about hemp CBD products.


You are a CannaBossLady.