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Astraea & Co. Beef Bacon Dog Treats

Astraea & Co. Beef Bacon Dog Treats

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Pets | Beef Dog Treats 

Protect and restore your pet’s overall physical and mental health, or even give them relief from soreness and swelling with these fast acting delicious beef-bacon treats. As a pet owner, you undoubtedly want the very best for your furry friend’s health and happiness. Cannabinoids provide a helping hand.

You and your pet have something in common: you both have endocannabinoid systems. Your endocannabinoid system affects your organs and internal systems, keeping everything in balance.

If you want to support your pet’s health while delighting their taste buds, our beef-flavored CBD dog treats are perfect. Containing only healthful ingredients, these treats are safe enough for your pet to enjoy on a daily basis.


  • Fast acting
  • Support your pet’s overall health and wellness
  • Calm a stressed, reactive, or anxious pet
  • Uplift your pet’s mood
  • Relieve your pet’s discomfort, soreness, and swelling
  • Support your pet’s joint and muscle wellness


  • Extracted from USDA organically-grown Colorado hemp
  • Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD extract
  • All natural ingredients
  • 0.0% THC

Ingredients: Water-Soluble Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract Powder, Water, Dried Brewer’s Yeast, Glycerin, Gum Arabic, Sodium Alginate, Beef Liver Powder, Natural Bacon Flavor, Flaxseed Oil, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Organic Sweet Potato Powder, Sunflower Lecithin (Non-GMO), Citrus Pectin, Vitamin E, Sodium Propionate, Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, Natural Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative) and Dextrin (Corn Derived).

How to use

Your pet can enjoy this treat on a daily basis, once or twice a day. 


Dosage Cheat Sheet

If your pet is new to CBD, we suggest starting with a low dose each day and gradually increasing as needed. Dosage depends on your animal's weight and strength of the treat. In general, we recommend 1-2mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. Each dog treat contains 2mg CBD.


It’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD.

POTENCIES: 2Mg/Treat or 60Mg/Jar
CONTAINER: 30 Chews/Jar